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Abrasive Brushes

Buffing & Polishing

Coated & Non-Woven Abrasives

Deburring Tools

Files, Sticks & Stones

Grinding & Cutoff

Laps & Hones

Points & Burrs

Sandblasting Equipment


Clamping, Workholding & Positioning

Clamps & Clamping Components

CNC Workholding Systems

Die & Mold Components

Laser Workholding Fixtures & Accessories

Lathe Chucks, Centers, Rests & Accessories

Locating & Positioning Components


Stationary Fixturing Stands & Mounts




Bolts, Screws & Cap Screws

Circuit Board Fasteners

Nails & Staples


Pins, Clips & Retaining Rings

Rivets & Cleco Fasteners

Self Sealing Fasteners

Stock Crowders

Threaded Inserts, Rivet Nuts & Weld Nuts

Threaded Studs With Nuts


Washers & Shims

Fleet Maintenance

Automotive Electrical & Lighting

Automotive Fluids, Paints & Cleaning Supplies

Automotive Gauges & Diagnostics

Automotive Tools & Repair Parts

Automotive Trim & Accessories

Garage Equipment & Lifting

Tire, Wheel & Towing Equipment


Air Conditioning, Cooling & Humidity Control

Blowers & Blower Accessories


Duct Work, Fittings & Accessories

Exhaust & Ventilation


Heaters & Accessories

HVAC Controls & Thermostats

HVAC Filters

HVAC Maintenance Tools & Accessories

Shutters, Louvers, Registers, Grilles & Diffusers

Hand Tools

Benders, Strippers & Crimpers

Bolt, Screw & Nut Removers

Combination Hand Tool Sets

Hammers, Striking & Demolition Tools

Knives & Blades

Pliers, Plier Sets & Accessories

Punches & Grommet Tools

Ratchets, Drivers & Extensions

Rivet & Threaded Insert Tools

Saws, Chisels & Shears

Screwdrivers & Hex Keys

Scribes & Awls

Sockets & Socket Accessories

Staplers & Staple Pullers

Stud Locators

Tool Bags & Organizers

Tool Holding Accessories

Tweezers & Retrieving Tools

Wood Planes & Blades



Braces, Brackets & Supports

Door, Lid & Drawer Hardware

Gate & Fence Hardware


Machine & Equipment Hardware

Storage Hooks & Closet Rods



Center Drills & Spotting Drills

Counterbores & Porting Tools

Countersinks, Chamfer Mills & Back Chamfers

Drilling & Drill Bits

Hole Cutters


Hose, Tube, Fittings & Valves

Blow Guns, Hose Reels & Hose Accessories

Clamps, Hangers & Supports

Fittings & Couplings




Indexable Cutting Tools

Indexable Holemaking

Indexable Inserts

Indexable Milling

Indexable Replacement Parts & Accessories

Indexable Threading

Indexable Turning & Boring

Janitorial & Facility Maintenance

Brooms, Mops, Squeegees & Buckets

Cleaners, Detergents & Odor Control

Floor Cleaning Machines & Vacuums

Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Equipment

Paints, Coatings & Surface Preparation

Skin Care & Personal Hygiene

Towels, Tissues & Wipes

Trash Cans, Bags & Compactors

Washroom Dispensers, Dryers & Partitions

Lighting & Electrical

Conduits, Ducts & Routing

Contactors & Starters

Electrical Circuit Protection

Electrical Connectors

Electrical Enclosures & Accessories

Electrical Installation Tools

Electrical Sensors & Indicators

Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment


Outlet Receptacles, Plugs, Boxes & Wall Plates

Power Distribution & Generation

Pushbuttons, Selectors & Pilot Lights

Switches & Relays

Wire & Cable

Wire Management

Lubricants, Coolants & Fluids

Industrial Chemicals & Cleaners

Lubricants & Lubrication Equipment

Metalworking Fluids, Coolants & Equipment

Oil Skimmers, Filters & Aerators

Parts Washers, Solutions & Solvents


3d Printers, Accessories & Supplies

CNC Machines

Digital Readout Equipment

Drill Presses & Tapping Machines

Dust, Mist & Fume Collectors & Accessories

Electrical Discharge Machining

Grinding, Buffing & Sharpening Machines


Metal Forming & Cutting Machines

Milling Machines

Sanding Machines

Saw Machines

Universal Machine Bases & Accessories

Way Covers & Bellows

Woodworking Machines

Marking & Labeling

Industrial Markers, Chalks & Layout Fluids

Labels & Tags

Letters & Numbers

Stamping & Engraving

Stenciling & Striping

Material Handling & Storage

Chain, Rope, Wire Rope & Hardware


Laboratory Refrigerators And Freezers

Magnetic Separators

Material Lifting

Material Transport

Modular Lifting Systems

Storage Furniture & Systems

Temporary Structures & Storage Buildings

Measuring & Inspecting

Calibration, Layout & Machine Setup Tools

Counters, Totalizers, Timers & Clocks

Dimensional Measuring Tools

Flow & Level Measuring Instruments

Inspecting, Detecting & Testing Instruments

Levels & Plumb Bobs

Motion & Speed Measuring Instruments

Pressure & Temperature Measuring Instruments

Statistical Process Control & Electronic Measuring Equipment


End Mill Heads

End Mills

Engraving Cutters

Milling Cutters

Milling Saws

Router Bits

Motion Control & Fluid Power


Brakes, Clutches & Speed Reducers

Cam Followers & Track Rollers

Chain Breakers, Pullers & Parts

Chains, Belts, Pulleys & Sprockets

Gears, Gear Bushings & Racks


Linear Motion



Pullers & Separators

Rod Ends & Yokes

Shaft Collars, Couplings, Mounts & Keys

Shock Absorbers & Springs


Plumbing, Pumps & Filtration

Faucets, Sinks & Bathrooms

Filters & Accessories

Plumbing Tools & Equipment


Water Coolers & Fountains

Water Heaters & Supply Lines

Power Tools

Etchers, Engravers & Accessories

Hammers, Chippers & Scalers

Heat Guns & Accessories

Hydraulic Punch Presses, Dies & Punches

Job Site Radios

Power Bevelers, Deburrers & Accessories

Power Drills

Power Fastening Tools

Power Grinders, Buffers & Sanders

Power Mixers & Accessories

Power Saws

Power Shears, Nibblers & Cutters

Power Tool Batteries, Chargers & Cords

Power Tool Combination Kits

Rotary & Multi-Tools & Accessories

Routers, Planers & Joiners

Raw Materials


Compounds & Machinable Wax


Flat Stock

Graphite Sheets

Heat Treating Ovens & Accessories

Key Stock



Rubber & Foam

Scratch Removers & Cleaning Chemicals

Shim Stock

Wire Cloth


Anti-Static & ESD Equipment

Confined Space Equipment

Facility Safety

First Aid, Medical & Hydration

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Training Materials

Signs, Identification & Lockout/Tagout

Spill Control & Containment

Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades

Compass Saw Blades

Hacksaw & Rod Saw Blades

Hole Saws & Hole-Cutting Tool Accessories

Jeweler's & Coping Saw Blades

Jig Saw Blades

PVC/ABS Saw Blades

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Saw Blade Accessories

Shipping & Office Supplies

Breakroom Equipment & Supplies

Office Equipment

Office Furniture

Office Supplies

Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Reference & Training Materials

Tapes & Adhesives

Caulk & Sealants

Caulk Guns & Adhesive Applicators

Glue, Epoxy & Adhesives

Hook & Loop


Threadlockers & Retaining Compounds


Die Stocks, Die Heads & Carriers

Dies, Chasers & Thread Rolls

Manual Pipe Threaders

Tap Sets & Die Sets

Tapping Tools & Tapping Accessories


Thread Mills

Thread Repair & Reinforcement

Thread Turning Tools

Tool Holding

Boring Heads & Bar Holders

Collets, Closers & Accessories

Die Holders & Accessories

Drill Chucks, Holders & Accessories

Lathe Tool Posts & Tool Holders

Machine Tool Arbors & Accessories

Morse Taper Sleeves & Sockets

Rotary Tool Holders & Accessories

Tapping Heads & Holders

Turning & Boring

Boring Bars & Grooving Tools

Cut-Off Blades & Holders

Knurling Tools

Lathe Tool Bits & Holders

Welding & Soldering

Crack Detection

Fume Exhausters & Air Cleaners

Furnaces & Welding Rod Ovens

Plasma Cutters

Soldering & Desoldering Equipment

Welders & Welding Equipment

Welding & Soldering Chemicals

Collet Pads & Top Jaws

Top Jaws for Collet Pads

Warner & Swasey Collet Pads

S-Type Collet Pads

Bardons & Oliver Collet Pads

Gisholt Collet Pads

Jones & Lamson Collet Pads

Chuck Jaws

Soft Jaws

Round Jaws

Hard Jaws

Jaw Nuts, Master Keys & Screws

Jaw Accessories

Chucks & Accessories

Auto Strong

Chuck Accessories and Replacement Parts

Threaded Drawnuts

Power Chucks - 1.5mm x 60 Serrations

Hydraulic Cylinders

Bar Pullers For CNC Lathes

16C & 3J Round Collets

5C & R8 Collets

Internal Workholding For Lathes

Bushings / Boring Bars

Type Z, ZS & ZL Bushings
(Standard, Short & Long Series)

Type C Bushings

Type CS Short Series Bushings

Type J Bushings

Type B Bushings

Type DD Bushings

Type L Bushings

Type LB Bushings

Type LBF Bushings

Boring Bar Sleeves

NPT Boring Bar Sleeves

Small OD Boring Bar Sleeves

5C Collet Tool Holders

Mazak QTN Bushings

Taper Drill Sockets: Morse Taper

Mazak Style "V" Toolholder Bushings

Mazak Style "W" Toolholder Bushings

Mazak Style "P" Toolholder Bushings

Mazak Style "Q" Toolholder Bushings

VDI Style "BV" Toolholder Bushings

VDI Style "CV" Toolholder Bushings

Coolant Fed Toolholder Bushings

VDI Style Taper Drill Sockets

Type H Boring Bar Sleeves

Type G Bushings

Swiss Collets

Swiss Collets TF25

Swiss Collets TF37

Swiss Guide Bushings TD25NS

Swiss Guide Bushings TD32


ER Collets

TG Collets

DA Collets

AF Collets

16C & 3J Round Collets

5C & R8 Collets

Internal Workholding For Lathes

Collet Extensions/Straight Shank Holders

ER-8 Collet Holder / Extension

ER-11 Collet Holder / Extension

ER-16 Collet Holder / Extension

ER-20 Collet Holder / Extension

ER-25 Collet Holder / Extension

ER-32 Collet Holder / Extension

ER-40 Collet Holder / Extension

TG Collet Holder / Extension

AF Collet Holder / Extension

DA Collet Holder / Extension

Double Ended Collet Holder / Extension

ER Collet Nuts & Wrenches

TG/DA/AF Collet Nuts & Wrenches

Milling Toolholders

BT & CAT Tooling Packages

CAT 40 Toolholders

CAT 50 Toolholders

BT 30 Toolholders

BT 40 Toolholders

Straight Shank Tap Holders

Tab Adapters / Tap Collets

Retention Knobs / Pull Studs

About Retention Knobs / Pull Studs

Retention Knobs CAT Tool Holders

Retention Knobs BT Tool Holders

Retention Knob Sockets

Torque Wrenches

Drawbar Clamping Force Gage

Vice Jaws

Machinable Aluminum and Steel - SBM

Machined Aluminum Vice Jaws

10 Pack Aluminum Vice Jaws

Ultra Quick Change Vice Jaws & Mounting Screws

Hardened Vice Jaws

Snap Jaws Products

Toolholding for Lathes

VDI Toolholders (Various Brands)

VDI Toolholders (Evermore Brand)

Tool Blocks

Auto Strong

Scroll / Chuck Jaw Chuck

Power Chuck

Collet Chuck

Hydraulic Cylinder

Soft & Hard Jaws

Special Purpose Power Chucks